Here are just a few of the Facts About The NDP When They Were Government!

  • The Calgary Herald wrote "Notley Implemented Trudeau's Carbon Tax"
  • The Fraser Insitute wrote "Notley helped Trudeau Kill Energy East"
  • Various media wrote and said "Notley Stood quiet while Trudeau passed his no-more-pipelines law"
  • The NDP in their own Climate Leadership Report mentions 'Just Transition' 7 times. Just Transition is a open and transparent plan to eliminate Alberta's ever improving environmental, clean, Blood free Oil & Gas industry. Japan has begged us! The UK and Europe has begged us for our resources, but the NDP-Liberal coalition has blocked us from selling Alberta resources to UK and Europe. The world is begging for our LNG and Oil and we are kept from economic recovery from socialist political policy making by this coalition of power.
  • Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is Rachel Notleys Boss -  The federal and provincial (or territorial) level NDPs are more integrated than other political parties in Canada, and have shared membership (except for the New Democratic Party of Quebec). Rachel Notley reports directly to federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh.  If you vote for Rachel Notley and the Alberta NDP you support the federal NDP and their anti Alberta mandate.
  • Notely Implemented Trudeau's Carbon Tax On Alberta - working with Trudeau to force a carbon tax on Alberta, the single-largest tax hike in our history.
  • Allowed Trudeau To Pass The No-Nore-pipelines Law - Notley and the NDP stood silent as Justin Trudeau passed his no-more-pipelines law. She didn’t stand up for Alberta then? Why would she now?
  • Regulated The Energy East Pipeline Out Of Existence - Rachel Notley supported Justin Trudeau while he implemented a federal carbon tax and made TransCanada go through every possible regulatory framework possible, which killed the $16 billion project.
  • Attacked Alberta Farmers - The NDP swiftly passed Bill 6 without consultation, increasing costs for farmers and ranchers by saying they were no longer allowed to employ their own family members.
  • Hurt Small Business - The NDP implemented massive new red tape for businesses. Hindrances to investment were so brutal under the NDP that when they were defeated the new UCP government created a Ministry to Cut Red Tape to instill confidence.
  • Royalty Review Killed Investment -  Billions in investment left and none of us want to endure or even witness the economic slaughter of the NDP Not to mention Notley’s Royalty Review completely halted the energy investment.
  • Refused Small Business Rep Meeting - Notley is just about Unions and neglected small business. As Sid Helishauer of the Progressive Group for Independent Business (PGIB) to meet with the largest small business and taxpayer group in Alberta
  • Raised Taxes AGAIN - The NDP when Notley was Premier hit employers hard with a 20% NDP tax hike
  • Tax Hikes On Business - The NDP raised the corporate tax rate by 20 per cent, from 10 to 12, driving jobs and investment out of the province, thereby reducing tax revenue for needed services.
  • Rachel Notley Hates Alberta - Rachel Notley referred to Alberta as Canada’s "Embarrassing Cousin”
  • Alberta NDP Insults Alberta -Deputy Premier & Health Minister Sarah Hoffman deeply insulted everyday Albertans by calling them “Sewer Rats”
  • Killed Alberta’s prosperity
  • Stood with Justin Trudeau, not Albertans
  • Forced policies on Albertans they never campaigned on
  • Talked down Alberta and our people

All aforementioned points here are gathered from various media outlets such as, but not limited to Post Media, Rogers Media, Fraser Institute, National Post, Global, CTV, Globe & Mail, Western Standard and even the Toronto Star etc..


But the UCP messaging on counter acting these lies has not yet proven effective so we would like to help make it very clear that the only weapon in the NDP Tool Box is Fear.

The following are some of the NDP lies we are all hearing about and the responses from our organization. 

BIG LIE # 1 =  Notley says Smith will make you pay to see your family Doctor?!  Context is everything and with the amount of words Danielle Smith has uttered being a long time radio host much can be taken out of context.  The NDP thinks you are dumb and fed you this lie.  Danielle mused about this before she was leader and it was in a Podcast discussing various options. The UCP policy does not state this and to see all of their policies you can go to https://www.unitedconservative.ca/ucp-platform-2023/ and read everything for yourself. The UCP put it in writing.

Further, Notely is really lying on this one because she knows full well that this is not a UCP policy and it is illegal under the Canada Health Act to charge a Canadian to see their doctor. So either Rachel Notley does not understand Canada's basic Health Care Structure (like she proved she does not understand economics or even small business) or she is just a liar.

We think Rachel Notley is just a liar and needs to have an honest debate and not just forward False Evidence Appearing Real (Fear). Danielle Smith in her short time as Premier did more for Health Care during the same time frame Notley did when she was Premier. If Danielle Smith remains Premier she will be able to solve this crisis and fund the front lines.

BIG LIE # 2 = Notley says the Alberta Pension Plan will hurt you and your hard earned savings. This is something all Provinces are looking at. Quebec has its own plan which is outperforming the CPP. All Danielle Smith has ever said is we need to explore it and that the only way she would ever enact it is after a binding Referendum.  Just an FYI both Quebec and Saskatchewan have their own plans. They are Quebec Pension Plan (QPP) and the Saskatchewan Pension Plan (SPP). They have different contribution plans and different rates compared to CPP. QPP is a mandatory pension plan for residents of Quebec. The fear and smear campaign by the NDP is hurting the future retirement of generations of Albertans

Big Lie # 3 = Notley Says Danielle Smith contacted the Crown Posecutors office.  The best source would be to hear from the Crown Prosecutors itself and they issued a statement on January 23, 2023 as follows:

“the Alberta Crown Prosecution Service (ACPS) has fully cooperated with the independent and comprehensive review of ACPS emails conducted by the non-partisan Alberta Public Service,” read a statement from Kimberley Goddard, K.C., Assistant Deputy Minister of the Alberta Crown Prosecution Service. 

“This review found no evidence of contact between the ACPS and the premier’s office regarding prosecutions. Continued suggestions of impropriety without evidence are not warranted.

The ACPS has also stated “This unsubstantiated speculation harms the reputation of the ACPS and does disservice to the dedicated professionals in ACPS who carry out their work with unwavering integrity.”

Big Lie / Half Truth # 4 = Notley Says Danielle Smith restricts the media from follow up questions and she does not.  Danielle Smith has restricted reporters to one question and no follow ups. This is similar to when questions were being asked during the pandemic. Media scrums were lasting for hours so to allow more questions from numerous media outlets journalists were limited to one question.  Also, this is standard during the Writ period in every election as there are multiple events and media conferences daily. Rachel Notley is misleadng Albertans insinuating she answers all questions and does not restrict follow up questions. Rachel Notely is not open to answering all questions from any reporters is a misleading statement as she actually restricts which media outlets can ask her questions and appears to base her decision on which media outlet aligns with her political viewpoints. Unless the media source is government funded or are allies of the NDP she opposes freedom of the press. A great article on this is as follows:  https://www.westernstandard.news/news/fildebrandt-no-rachel-notley-you-dont-get-to-decide-who-the-media-are/article_0473e1a8-ddf9-11ed-8feb-63342111d4fb.html

MANY BIG LIES # 5 = All the NDP commercials are Lies. although, their commercials are sincerely well done propaganda and they are everywhere. As Danielle Smith was just very recently elected pretty much nothing they say is accurate.  The fact the media lets the NDP run their paid lies is suspect. These types of lies would not be tolerated in the private sector. Can you imagine if Coca-Cola made up crap about Pepsi? It would not be tolerated. However, Rachel Notley feels she is above the Rule of Law.  The facts on Notely are above and they are indeed facts that this organization would gladly defend in court. We applaud Danielle Smith and the UCP for running a clean and mudslinging free campaign.

Every province that even flirted with the NDP hurt, is finally recovering or about to toss these Socialists out!  Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, PEI. There are horror stories and they will be forthcoming.

Alberta is a land of opportunity for those who were born here and for those that are Albertans by Choice, not by chance. This great Province created the modern conservative movement with conservative governments with Classical Liberals, Social Credit, Progressive Conservatives and United Conservatives. The worst term of any government in Alberta history was under the NDP,  just a few years ago. (Again read the points above).

Remember we are not running for office, we are just taxpayers and small business owners donating our own personal money to a cause we believe in.  What frustrates us is the NDP is throwing signs on Union members lawns without asking permission and throwing signs up on lawns of previously identified supporters, also without asking permission.  Union members are hard working good people who have been taken for granted by the NDP.

If you have any questions or clarifications and want a different perspective than the lies forced union dues are paying for email us at YouMatter@StopTheNDP.info